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Zuarina is based in Langhirano, home of the raw ham, the best Parma ham. Sweet and soft, high-end quality and with a taste which is appreciated worldwide.
The Company is in a perfect position to receive the sea wind of Versilia, which takes on the aroma of pine forests and the scent of chestnuts trees, and then gives the Zuarina’s hams sweetness and an unmistakable taste.
Zuarina chooses only heavy pigs born and raised in the Po valley from which thighs are obtained and selected for long maturing periods.
A few marine grains of salt, no preservatives and no additives.
So much time, so much passion and the slow action of the sea wind.
This is how the unique taste and scents of Zuarina’s Parma hams are obtained.
A pinch of salt and a lot of passion
Salt is the only ingredient added to the selected raw materials, in addition to the lard that expert hands spread three times during the maturing process.
The maturing process takes place in the basement cellar, which gently maintains moisture and scents.
The whole processing takes place internally, including boning and tying by hand each ham.
Each ham is treated with care, passion, expertise and craftsmanship.
A citizen of the world!
The sweetness, tradition and quality of Zuarina Parma Ham are well known among the best retailers, hotels, clubs, restaurants, and the most prestigious delicatessen shops throughout the world.
The 2019 turnover was more than 10 million euros.
Exports account for roughly 40% and the main countries are Japan, USA and France.

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Yes, Zuarina products are certificated BRC and IFS with both high scores.
Our most important features are high end quality, excellent presentation of all of our range, artisanal processing and our Organic line of charcuterie.
Mostly Europe, Far East (with a major market which is Japan), New Zealand, and the US.
Zuarina is a very old company, spanning its production for over 160 years.
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AdressVia Cascinapiano 4a - 43013 Langhirano

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